Megan Parker

About Megan Parker
Born on November 3, 1991, Megan is 22 years old. According to Kate, Megan has several diagnoses including precocious puberty and Tourette’s Syndrome. None of these diagnoses have been confirmed.

According to Kate’s writings, Megan was very involved in the care of Joshua, Bethany, Hannah and the other young children. She was on hand for many doctor’s appointments and hospitalizations.

Megan publicly detailed her treatment of Bethany and Hannah on Facebook, discussing how she and other family members ignored Bethany and Hannah as a result of their bonding difficulties. She is also known for her curt comments, which were directed at individuals who left messages in the CaringBridge guestbooks.

Megan was trained and certified as a respite worker. She was paid to care for Joshua and Bethany.

As of April 2014, Megan had not been charged criminally in connection with this case.

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2 thoughts on “Megan Parker

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  2. Do you believe Megan’s and Adam’s comments on Caring Bridge were indeed written by them and not by Kate? I ask because the writing styles seem extraordinarily similar and sockpuppeting is a very common behavior associated with Munchausen’s syndrome.

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