Joshua Parker

About Joshua Parker

Born on March 2, 2006, Joshua is currently 8 years old. Also called “Joshie” and “Joshiebear” (but not “Josh”), he has a confirmed diagnosis of a form of spina bifida called Lipomyelomeningocele. Joshua’s spina bifida, which is associated with neurogenic bowel and urinary incontinence, was surgically repaired shortly after birth.

Kate also claimed that Joshua suffered from Arnold Chiari Malformation Type 1, Tethered Cord Syndrome, pseudotumor cerebri (PTC), a connective tissue disorder, a chromosome abnormality and gastroparesis, among other conditions which have not been confirmed.

Joshua underwent Chiari decompression surgery and a de-tethering operation on April 20, 2007 and an additional Chiari decompression surgery on October 1, 2007. Kate is facing three counts of criminal mistreatment in the first degree in connection with these operations.

He had a g-tube placed on August 13, 2007. Authorities have charged Kate Parker with criminal mistreatment in the first degree in connection with this operation.

On February 18, 2008, Joshua underwent a procedure to “remove the bone that regrew, place a large dural graft to enlarge the surface area in the hopes that even when Joshua forms excess scar tissue in response to the surgery, he’ll still have room for CSF to flow freely, and she’ll remove the lower portion of his cerebellum; specifically, the portion that keeps getting wedged into his spinal canal (called the cerebellar tonsils)…[Dr. Webhy will also] remove all of the scar tissue that has formed, as well as other cellular ‘debris’ that has accumulated.”

A few months later, on November 12, 2008, Joshua underwent a spinal de-tethering operation. Kate is facing a charge of criminal mistreatment in the first degree as a result of this operation.

On April 6, 2009, Joshua’s pseudomeningocele was drained/repaired and a lumbar puncture was performed. Kate is facing one count of criminal mistreatment in the first degree in connection with this operation.

Later that year, on July 7, 2009, Joshua underwent an additional procedure and Kate is subsequently facing a charge of criminal mistreatment in the first degree in connection with this operation.

Joshua underwent his fifth spinal cord de-tethering operation and had an LP shunt implanted on November 30, 2009. Kate is facing two counts of criminal mistreatment in the first degree in connection with this operation. The shunt was changed over to a VP shunt on November 12, 2011.

Joshua underwent brain surgery — his fifth Chiari decompression — on April 25, 2011. Kate has been charged with one count of criminal mistreatment in the first degree and assault in the first degree in connection with this surgery.

In addition, Kate is facing two counts of assault in the first degree and two counts of criminal mistreatment in the first degree in connection with a Chiari-related surgery that was performed on November 3, 2011.

A few days later, on November 7, 2011, Joshua underwent a ventriculostomy to monitor the pressure inside his skull and spinal cord. Kate is facing one count of assault in the first degree and one count of criminal mistreatment in the first degree in connection with this surgery. Kate Parker is also facing a charge of reckless endangerment after she allegedly “did unlawfully and recklessly create a substantial risk of serious physical injury to Joshua Parker” on or around August 28, 2013.

In addition, Kate is also charged with four counts of identity theft and four counts of committing a felony computer crime for allegedly using Joshua’s name, photos and story to set up fraudulent online fundraisers on July 22, 2011, July 28, 2011, January 22, 2013 and August 6, 2013.

Kate claimed that Joshua was dying due to brain stem degeneration. As a result, he was reported to be on extremely high doses of narcotic pain medications such as methadone, fentanyl and dilaudid. He was said to sleep over 16 hours per day at times and was said to use a wheelchair.

Authorities apparently became suspicious of Kate’s care of the children and during a September 2013 hospitalization, he was reportedly weaned off many medications and Kate reported that Joshua’s death was no longer imminent. She raised eyebrows when instead of expressing delight, she offered up complaints over Joshua’s behaviors.

In early September 2013, Joshua was taken into Child Protective Services’ custody while hospitalized at Legacy Emanuel Hospital in Portland, Oregon. He has remained in CPS custody ever since.

As of April 2014, Joshua was thriving in the care of a foster family. While Kate claimed that Joshua is dying, authorities say the reality is very different. Joshua is said to be eating and drinking independently, talking, walking and attending school. He is said to no longer require the use of a wheelchair and it has been reported that he no longer requires any medications.

Read Joshua’s CaringBridge

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3 thoughts on “Joshua Parker

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  2. I have to wonder HOW she could have made him so sick… to the point of fooling multiple doctors into doing dozens of surgeries and giving him all those medications (which are HIGHLY controlled). I mean, to go from ‘at death’s door, can barely sit up, has to use a G tube, wheel chair, oxygen and a cocktail of pain meds’ to walking, eating and drinking independently, no meds, and even going to SCHOOL…. WHAT was she doing to that poor boy?! And it’s not like she was just fooling a bunch of people on the internet as well, that would be easy… she fooled doctors, nurses, psychiatrists who MET and TREATED Joshua. I can’t even begin to understand how that could be possible in this hypervigilant ‘less is best’ hospital era we’re in.

  3. I live in Oregon and at age 12 became very sick. I won’t go into details but now I’m 22 and its safe to say I’ve been expected to die multiple times, live with intense pain issues that aren’t properly treated (from 12-17 narcotic pain meds were out of the question no matter how legit the need including surgeries, procedures, etc. When procedures were done, which I’ve had dozens of, and surgery, post op pain control was near nonexistant and I was lucky to get maybe a weeks worth of low dose tylenol with codeine. I couldnt count the full consecutive hours I screamed or moaned in pain, despite doctors who could have helped, I came to almost envy the many patients especially oncology who were given whatever was needed to help them as far as meds and central lines so they wouldnt be stuck so much theyd lose all access including in the feet and neck like I did after 5 years. Turned out I had serious illnesses, one specific thing was ignored for four years leading to needing major surgery and a surgeon who told me itd soon have killed me. Why was I treated like this? Being a girl with a rare illness they decided I was a psych case who wanted to be sick or was anorexic or something which led to multiple eating disorder and psych units that didnt work but instead let me deteriorate further and pray I’d die I was treated so badly. Finally at 17 an eating disorder unit that did things I was later told qualified as physical and emotional torture sent me to a real hospital where I got much needed ptsd therapy as well as actual medical treatment which gave devastating news as to the damage done by not getting proper treatment. I begged for a line for years but they refused so for several years I’ve had literally no IV access even for labs, they cant get blood unless I’m in the ER with an IV in my neck they can use. I’ve had 25 piccs, 6 jugular lines, a subclavian, 2 groshongs, a femoral line, a portacath, and an intra-osseus access (they take a drill, go an inch below the knee, drill straight to the bone marrow and try to spike an access point in there, I couldnt be sedated for that or the surgical IJ placement 5 hrs later when the IO was to painful to infuse desperately needed fluid). I’ve had to go through multiple tricky jugular/other line placements normally done under general with no sedation. I needed an nj 14 months before they agreed to a GJ, but now I need a seperate G and J tube due to multiple errors relaed to misdiagnosis. Currently life is hell many days still due to my underlying diseases and the damage done by years with no treatment. Why am I discussing this? Well Doernbecher was a big player in saying I caused it but first making veiled accusations at my mom. She was a nurse so fit the munchausen syndrome by proxy bill even more to them, and it came to a point they threatened to take me away if she didnt consent to so many awful things they did. Also having a law degree she knew getting me back would be nearly if not totally impossible so she had no choice but to comply. Munchausen has been wrongly diagnosed SO much more than it has been in proper cases like Kate’s. ex-Doernbecher patients and moms and I who have met have a scary amount of similarities. Unless you had cancer or a straight forward easy to see illness you were dirt; thats sure how we felt and the impression we and other families got. I can’t believe she managed to get away with these crimes so long! I can’t imagine how I’d felt at 12 if I found out my mom was doing all that to me, much less 7 years old, and poor bethany and the parker kids! I’m sure shes playing the victim card but hopefully jail gives her the sympathy any other inmate would feel towards a child abuser which is none. Sure I almost lost my life and suffer daily from unjust accusations, but this certainly isnt that and I pray every day for these kids, that they can adjust as best they can and if they can’t be placed together be able to see each other as much as possible; I bet sweet Bethany is finally getting a shot at the american dream she deserves! Thank god they hospitalized him and caught her in time before those huge drug doses became too high for his little body and a bolus of narcotic finally pushed his heart too far. I’ve read and often been told this can often occur with terminal kids on increasing PCA doses at a point they need pain control but theres no surefire way to avoid accidental overdose. Had he gone home and somehow been allowed by her to live years longer I’m sure addiction would have become impossible to avoid. Theres just so many awful outcomes besides what he, Bethany, and their other bros and sisters could and would have faced. Praise the lord the angels intervened, knowing that though those sweethearts must be little angels, they deserve to shine their light here on earth and experience the good life has to offer ❤

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