Charley Parker

About Charles “Charley” Parker 

Charley is married to Kate Parker. He is the biological father of Megan, Adam, Emily, Sarah, Isaac, David and Joshua. He also has an adult daughter from a prior marriage; she was in her late 20s as of April 2014.

He lives with the family in a rented home in Grants Pass, Oregon. He works full-time as a manager at Shari’s Restaurant.

According to Kate, Charley’s primary role was the family breadwinner. It’s said that he rarely attended the kids’ medical appointments and preferred to let Kate make medical-related decisions. Click here to read Kate’s writing about Charley’s involvement with the family.

Charley was reported to be the beneficiary of an online fundraiser that was launched in July 2011. The fundraiser was intended to raise funds that would enable Charley to take a four-week vacation from work, thereby allowing him to spend time with Joshua before his death.

As of April 2014, Charley had not been charged criminally in connection with this case.

Click here to learn more about the other main players who are involved in this case.


3 thoughts on “Charley Parker

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  2. Are you aware that Charley is only the biological father to Megan and Adam? The youngest 4 children have Charley’s name on their birth certificate, but are Kate’s with a donor. Emily was conceived during a one-night-stand with a family friend. The twins, Isaac and Joshua are all the offspring of the infamous Will Naylor who gave Kate his sperm for free and she conceived 4 kids with it. As you can see, the youngest 4 resemble each other, and Emily looks quite different… I knew Kate from a Spina Bifida board that she was a part of years ago until she became so hostile that we removed her. I even met her in person when she came to visit me in Texas one time.

  3. Thanks for doing what you can for me to print. I still can’t do it. My mom wants to read all this and has no access to the internet and can not physical get to one (health).
    In case you did not know I am Charles’s oldest daughter’s mother.
    I do not believe that Charles was not involved in anyway or didn’t know that one single thing was wrong with what Kate was doing. He is not stupid.
    Good work. Keep it up.

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