Bethany Parker

About Bethany Parker
Born in Ukraine on November 13, 2007, Bethany was adopted by the Parker family in October 2010. Bethany was listed on as “Vivienne.” She has a confirmed diagnosis of Down Syndrome, a repaired heart defect and Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (s-JRA).

Bethany reportedly underwent two heart surgeries while in Ukraine. She underwent an operation to get a g-tube placed shortly after her adoption into the Parker family – an operation that prosecutors claim was unnecessary.

Bethany, also called “Bethie” or Bethiebean”, was hospitalized in January 2011, at which time she was diagnosed with s-JRA. Kate also claimed that Bethany suffered from a range of other conditions, including atlantoaxial instability, profound global developmental delay, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), generalized hypotonia with tethered cord, parenchymal lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, congestive heart failure, with history of MRSA infections, E. coli urosepsis and left hydronephrosis.

Bethany underwent heart surgery on August 20, 2012. She had not been properly weaned from prednisone, a steroid drug, and subsequently experienced healing difficulties. Notably, Bethany had been steroid-free for a period of several months, but Kate did not pursue surgery as she stated that she did not wish to leave Joshua, whose health was said to be declining.

Bethany had a CaringBridge (CB) site where Kate detailed her medical struggles from the timeframe of January 11, 2011 through August 21, 2013 when Kate reportedly deactivated Bethany’s site, stating, “I am simply unwilling to keep open a site where I am routinely and maliciously attacked in the guestbook comments.” This remark references the criticism that Kate faced from commenters who were critical of her treatment and care of Bethany.

Bethany was taken into custody by Child Protective Services shortly after Joshua was taken into the agency’s care while hospitalized in early September 2013.

As of April 2014, Bethany remained in CPS custody. Bethany is currently in the care of a foster family. She is reported to be healthy and happy. She is eating and drinking independently, without the need of a g-tube. Bethany is also said to be learning how to walk and no longer requires a wheelchair. She is also starting to verbalize and is now attending school, in addition to various therapies. Bethany has reportedly started to bond with her new foster family and is now thriving in their care.

Kate Parker is reportedly facing charges of identity theft and felony computer crime for allegedly using Bethany’s photo, name and story to defraud donors, who contributed money for Bethany’s funeral in a fundraiser held in February 2013.

It’s alleged that Kate Parker “did unlawfully and intentionally and knowingly take charge of Bethany Parker for the purpose of fraud” on October 11, 2010 — the approximate date of her adoption.

It’s alleged that Kate “did unlawfully and intentionally and knowingly withhold necessary and adequate food and physical care” from Bethany on November 1, 2010.

In addition, Kate faces three counts of criminal mistreatment in the first degree after she “did unlawfully and intentionally and knowingly withhold necessary and adequate physical care and medical attention from Bethany Parker” on or around October 1, 2013.

Kate is facing a charge of criminal mistreatment in the first degree in connection with Bethany’s January 20, 2011 surgery to place a g-tube.

Kate Parker is also facing charges of criminal treatment in the first degree after she allegedly “unlawfully and intentionally and knowingly cause physical injury to Bethany Parker” on or around November 3, 2011.

Read Bethany’s CaringBridge.

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