Trial Date Set!

As we are all busy getting ready for the holidays, the date of Kates trial is FINALY within 90 days!

I checked the court site this morning (as I have been for awhile now). Low and behold there is an entry for a twelve person jury trial to begin February 29, 2016. She has a motion hearing scheduled for December 18, 2015 then the trial.

I pray this trial date will stick and no other things will delay the start of the trial. Almost two years is long enough to make those poor babies wait to get justice. I also pray the jury will see right through Kate as so many others did online and in person.

As far as I know Kate is still out on bail and living in Portland. She has motion hearings or status checks about once a month. Also as far as I know she still has a no contact order with the rest of the family.

I hope everyone has a great Holiday season and the new year will finally bring answers and justice for the Parker children.

The information needed to find the trial date is as follows.

Case Number is: 140331212 

Date Range is: on or after 12/2/2015 and on or before 02/29/2016



2 thoughts on “Trial Date Set!

  1. THANK GOD there is finally progress in this case. I have been following. As one of the many readers duped by KP through the years, I feel absolutely stunned that anyone could be so vile to their child(ren). I pray for justice for these precious children!

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