Well May and June came and there was still no trial. 😦

Last I heard the May trial was pushed back to the fall, October time frame. I had heard that the defense asked for more time so it was granted.

I have also heard that the October trial will probably also be pushed back. It is looking like the trial will not start until spring sometime. I will be watching the docket site to make sure.

The children are still doing well last I heard. There are some struggles but well over all.

The only thing on the docket right now is a “Status Hearing” in August. My understanding is that she has these hearings are every couple of months while awaiting trial. They are hearings that are just basically making sure she is following the rules.

The newest status hearing can be found at…

When going to the site I use Case Number: 140331212   Date On or After: 7/24/2015   Date On or Before: 10/21/2015

Kate Aug Court


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