1 Week and About 9 Weeks

We are coming up quickly on the 1 year anniversary of Kate’s arrest. And if what I have heard is correct we are looking at about 9 weeks until Kate’s trial begins.

This will be a long time coming. I am hoping the state has gotten all their ducks in a row and justice is finally done for these babies. I know these types of cases are hard to “prove.” I am just hoping if nothing else they will have enough on her that they can prove, that will keep her away for a very long time.

I’m hoping the media will cover the trial and there will be someone available that can share court information that can be shared here as the trial takes place.


One thought on “1 Week and About 9 Weeks

  1. I have only just heard today via a friend in the US about all that has been happening since we lost touch with information on Joshua and Bethany etc. I am horrified at the info I have been reading. I wonder how I will continue to hear what happend at the trial. I would be most interested.. ?..Kate i certainly a woman with a deep physciatric condition and I do not think that she really meant to cause harm to her children it is just part of her condition…however she must face trial and never again be allowed to have childern around her. I have heard of similar things happening over here in the UK but not quite on the cale that Kate seem to have manage dto convince teh medical staff of the childrens condition. What I cannot understand i how the Drs themselves kept treating both children when it must have been obvious that things were not progressing in the way that they should have….I am I am sure many kind people like myself have been completely taken in by sending money etc for both Joshua and Bethany…however we did this in love …..( I am grateful to see that Joshua and Bethany are now safe and seem to be progressing with kind foster carers..).

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