Posted Bail!

I honestly don’t know what else to title this post. I am in utter shock.  I knew Kate was to be in court on Thursday October 2, with Judge Angel Lopez. That hearing was cancelled and Kate was in court Friday October 3, with Judge Eric Bloch. Over the weekend upon checking the site 
I found that all charges said $0 bail except one that read $5,000. All charges also stated unscented.

Today I returned to the Inmate Status page and found all charges to say $0 and all status’ said released.

I then went looking and found this article via The Oregon Live

Long story short Friday Kate’s bail was reduced to $5,000 and she bonded out.



Court “Hearing”

For whatever reason the court date that was set for today October 2, 2014 ended up not happening.

There is a new court date for tomorrow October 3, 2014. It is also listed as a “hearing” just like the last one. She is actually on tomorrows docket also. I’m not sure on some of the terms. It does look like it is not a closed case. The event type is listed as HGCU, I am not sure what that means. There is also a LL listed under VA also not sure what that means. Very few people have anything listed under VA.

Here are the links for the docket and the listing for a date and screenshots also.

The public access to court dates. This follows the same procedure listed in the previous post.  

The court docket/appearance listing. She is on page 4.

court kpmom1court KPMOM court kpmom2