Article on Dr. Monica Webhy’s Connection to the Parker Case

OregonLive and a couple other news outlets have published articles on Dr. Monica Webhy’s connection to the Parker case.

According to Kate’s writings, Dr. Webhy performed the operations related to these counts in the indictment, totaling 13 in all:

  • Count 1
  • Count 3
  • Count 4
  • Count 5
  • Count 6
  • Count 7
  • Count 8
  • Count 15
  • Count 16
  • Count 23
  • Count 24
  • Count 25
  • Count 26

Political analysts believe the Parker case could pose a serious problem for Dr. Webhy’s campaign, as she has been using her medical background to gain credibility among voters.

Pacific University government and elections professor Jim Moore told OregonLive that Dr. Webhy’s link to the Parker case, “raises questions about her judgment, and for the last 25 years voters have said judgment is very important…And remember, she’s not very well known in this state. She’s staking her whole campaign on her expertise in health care and her competence. So this is going to raise questions about the center of who she says she is…Because of the nature of these kinds of things, if she wins the primary, this is going to stretch out during the entire campaign.”

Notably, Kate’s trial is scheduled to begin on May 19, the day before the primary. But one of the prosecutors has said publicly that the trial date is expected to be pushed back.

Here’s the article on OregonLive:

Here’s the article on KOIN: