Article on Dr. Webhy’s Controversial Approach to Surgery has just published an article about one of the neurosurgeons involved in the Parker case, noting her reputation for performing surgeries when others would not. Dr. Monica Webhy (better known as Dr. W. among Kate’s readers) has reportedly been coming under fire for years for her controversial approach to tethered cord surgeries — an operation that Kate says was performed on Joshua on multiple occasions.

The article, titled ‘U.S. Senate candidate Monica Wehby draws critics, fans with surgery for urinary incontinence,” highlights Dr. Webhy’s history of “stirring controversy in the highly specialized world of pediatric neurosurgery.”

“Starting in the late 1990s, she advocated at pediatric neurosurgery gatherings for use of a well-known surgery on children even in instances where medical imaging didn’t clearly support doing so — but where other clues existed. Other surgeons suspected she was doing some surgeries unnecessarily, and without adequate basis, said Dr. Curtis Rozzelle,  a pediatric neurosurgeon for Children’s Hospital of Alabama,” the article explains.

But Dr. Webhy stands firm on her approach. According to the OregonLive article, “Wehby calls her tethered-cord advocacy her proudest professional achievement….Wehby defends her number of surgeries, saying it’s because she has become well-known among parents and urologists around the country. First, because she was more willing to do the surgery than others. And later, because she does it so well, using a tiny incision to lessen the risk and in just 20-30 minutes on an operating table.”

According to Kate’s writings, Dr. Webhy performed multiple surgeries on her children, including tethered cord surgeries.

Earlier in the investigation into this case, authorities indicated that they were closely examining the medical records in this case, but they hadn’t found any sign of wrong-doing on the part of the physicians. It’s unclear whether this is still the case, but to date, there have been no reports of charges or disciplinary actions  taken against any of the physicians involved in the Parker case.

Dr. Monica Webhy is currently running for a U.S. Senate seat.

Click here to read the article in its entirety.


3 thoughts on “Article on Dr. Webhy’s Controversial Approach to Surgery

  1. I cannot believe that charges will not eventually be filed against Dr Wehby. She did multiple surgeries on multiple children in the same household. The mathematical odds of all these surgeries being necessary are astronomical.

    • The operative word in the complaint is “Unnecessary Surgeries” of the 13 charges that involve Wehby 1o of them are charged under Oregon code 163.205. That code states that “Non Parents” can be prosecuted under that code..Whether the mom lied or not the surgeries were deemed unnecessary by the authorities. After the mom is convicted the next probable step will be Wehby having to answer for why she performed “unnecessary surgeries”. Her not testifying at the Grand Jury is suspicious at best. The fact that the Dr’s who are on record for disagreeing with Wehby did testify speaks volumes for those who are listening and understand the legal process.

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