April 24th Family Court Date

On Thursday, April 24, 2014, the Parkers were in family court in Grant’s Pass.

Kate was in court for the proceedings via phone.

According to the docket, this hearing was for a motion to reconsider judgment of disposition. A disposition is the settlement or final ruling on a case, so this motion is essentially asking the judge to reconsider whatever decision was made previously concerning the children’s placement.

This hearing involved the placement of Isaac, Emily, David and Sarah. Bethany and Joshua were not on the docket.

Here’s a link to the docket.

Reliable sources indicated that the Parkers had reportedly planned to plead “no contest” at the prior court hearing; the proceeding that is at the root of this motion to reconsider judgment of disposition. But notably, we have not been able to independently confirm what, if any, plea was entered at that prior court appearance. We’re also working on determining the outcome of this latest court proceeding.

A “no contest” plea essentially means  that the individual is not admitting guilt, but they are in essence admitting that the state has sufficient evidence to win the case.


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