Some Posts Showing Dislike for Mckmama

Here are some posts from a forum where Kate shows her dislike for MckMama.


Am I the only one who has thought that she **wants** Stellan to get very sick and that is why she doesn’t take proper care of him? She seems to be someone who enjoys having a sick child because of the attention it brings her. I mean, she dramatizes a planned hospitalization to switch over meds. She could have been honest (transparent, lol) and just said how it was ~ a “no big deal thing in the life of having a baby on medication”, but noooo, she has to make it dramatic & milk every ounce of attention she can out of it. She strikes me as someone who would secretly love for her kid to get seriously ill because she could use it to feed her own attention-seeking ego.



I hope no one thinks I’m terrible for having taken pictures of Joshua after his surgery. I take pictures from each of his hospitalizations/surgeries for a couple reasons. 1 ~ proof. People online sometimes think a person is lying if they say their kid is having multiple surgeries, so I take pictures to verify my honesty. 2 ~ documentation for Joshua when he is older. He may want to know the history of his surgeries and he’s not going to remember any of this, so if he wants to see pictures, I’ll have them for him. 3 ~ for my other kids, who never are able to come to the hospital, yet want to know what happens to their brother when he’s away from home and what the hospital is like.

I DON’T neglect him to take pictures. Ever. And you will never find me pimping out pictures of him to manipulate people into sending him or me stuff.

I just feel the need to clarify/defend this because I know a lot of people don’t understand why a parent would take pictures of their child when they’re in the hospital or sick or whatever (ala mckmama), but I know why *I* do it, so I wanted to make sure you all knew my intentions.



I don’t feel bad for asking about the inconsistencies in her story at all. I’ve had people question me when they thought maybe I wasn’t being honest and instead of getting defensive, I provided information and proof to show I was honest and they could trust me. I sure as heck didn’t start throwing out the ridiculous “Are you trying to start drama?” line to try and detract people from the obvious.

I understand totally what you’re saying and I’m not bothered by it at all. You’re right! It’s a GOOD thing that some doctors or nurses look at Joshua & me and think, “Hmmmm…. any chance the mom is at the root of this?” Yes, it hurts my feelings and it makes me feel a little paranoid that people think I’m enjoying my child being hospitalized & having multiple surgeries, but since I KNOW I’m not and I KNOW I’m not doing one single thing to cause his condition or make it worse, I can relax under scrutiny. After all, it’s not like I can cause scar tissue to grow or Joshua’s cord to tether or loss of function in his legs or increased intracranial pressure. Anyone who understands Joshua’s issues will know this ain’t my fault. And it’s not like Joshua has EVER had a g-tube infection or any funky labs or anything that would indicate I’m doing something to him. Sooooo…. even though I don’t like it, I do understand why someone might wonder and I work hard to make sure I am totally honest at all times with the medical personnel so that everyone knows they can trust me.

I don’t think MckMunch has that kind of credibility.

And I ALSO agree that I really hope someone is looking into the situation with Stellan. Maybe Jennifer isn’t doing anything wrong and this is just crappy luck. But someone still needs to look into it. At the very least, she needs to be educated about how to take care of Stellan when he’s not in the hospital, because she has shown repeatedly that she doesn’t have a clue (or doesn’t care).



I haven’t thought about getting a consult at any specific place, actually. At this point, what we need to find is a neurosurgeon who has met a child who has spina bifida + connective tissue problems + increased cranial pressure AND knows how to treat it effectively. If there’s someone who meets that criteria at Scottish Rite in Texas, I’d be on my way there to have them look at my little boy!

We’re going to Portland next week for Joshua to have MRIs on the 6th in the morning & to have urodynamics study in the afternoon that same day. Then we’re going to see the neurosurgeon on the 12th and see what her assessment of all of this is.

There’s the possibility that Joshua will have scar tissue in his head that is blocking the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which would require more brain surgery to fix.

There’s the possibility that his spinal cord is tethered severely enough by scar tissue to require surgery to release it…. again (it’d be his 5th time).

There’s the possibility that she’d surgically open his dura specifically to relieve the pressure that is in his CSF and try to put in a drain or shunt of some kind. That possibility is extremely low, however, since the neurosurgeon has pointedly told Charley and me, “You don’t want me to put in a shunt. *I* don’t want to put in a shunt. If I put in a shunt, you are going to be up here all the time and Joshua is going to be in my operating room ALL. THE. TIME. He’ll build up so much scar tissue in his brain that he’ll lose cognitive function. I truly believe a shunt would be what eventually killed him.” (And yes, that is an almost word-for-word replay of the conversation. You don’t forget that kind of thing.)

The PROBLEM is that the neurosurgeon and her assistant are thinking that, based on Joshua’s symptoms & what is going on with him as of late, he NEEDS a shunt. He obviously has high pressure and the medication he’s on (Diamox) to lower it (by reducing how much CSF his body produces) wrecks his kidneys, so he can’t be on it long-term. Right now, Joshua is doing okay as long as he is on Diamox & Tylenol with codeine. We can artificially make him mostly content, but it is what his doctors term a “stop-gap measure”.

If something specific shows up on the MRIs that can be dealt with immediately, then he’ll be scheduled for surgery #18. Otherwise, I’m not sure what the gameplan will be, but I know talk is happening about trying to find a bigger medical facility to send Joshua to. It won’t be beneficial to just send him to a place BECAUSE it’s bigger; we need to find someone who is going to have a clue about how to help him.

Oh…. in case it isn’t obvious, THIS is why I am ragging on MckDramaPants so very much. Yeah, her kid is sick, but she has doctors who know how to fix him & eventually, once she signs the darn consent form or they determine the time is right, he’ll have the ablation, get the pacemaker, and voila… he’ll get better, grow up and have a near-normal life. But there she is, moaning & groaning about how her kid is sooooo unique and that the doctors are just sooooo perplexed by him. Whatever. He’s got a heart condition that has about a million websites that explain what it is, how to treat it and the like. Find me ONE website that explains what is going on with MY son, please, and how to treat it. You do that and I will not only exalt you a hundred times, but I’ll send you really good chocolate from Harry & David’s!  I just have zero patience for her whining about how she’s “So tired of the rollercoaster.” STFU, MckMama. You’ve been on it for less than a year. Try living the life I’ve had with Joshua for the past 3 years. Try having doctors so convinced that your child has a degenerative condition that he has a truckload of bloodwork, a skin biopsy, a muscle biopsy & an EMG to determine which one it is… only to find out that nooooo, whatever is going on with him isn’t a degernative condition that they can test for. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have one… it just means they don’t have a name for it or a test for it yet. So what do you do? You ride the roller coaster ENDLESSLY and you get people who think you’ll full of shit because your child NEVER stays “fixed” or “good” or “well” for longer than 10 weeks and they don’t want to hear about it any more because they don’t know what to say, anyway. You keep putting your child through surgeries to get him out of pain for what you know will only be a short period of time. Live with a little child who is in chronic pain. Don’t spend your day running around to the splash pad and the children’s museum and Chiptole because you are too busy running to doctor appointments and therapy appointments. I don’t know if my child will grow up, but I’ve already been told that if he does, he will eventually be a full-time wheelchair user since he’s been steadily losing function in his legs as he gets older. He’ll always have to cath in order to pee. He’ll always have to use medication to help him poop since he can’t do it on his own. Those basic functions that most people take for granted ~ walking normally, running, peeing, pooping ~ will always be out of my son’s reach. And that’s the EASY stuff.


My sympathy level for people like MckMunch is nonexistent, especially since she seems to get off on her son being sick & in the hospital & uses it to make money. Yet people flock to her side in a crisis. It’s something I haven’t understood, but what you all have said here makes sense to me and makes me feel better ~ I always feel better when I feel like I have some understanding of what is going on.

I’d personally rather have 20 loyal readers of my blog than 2000 people who don’t truly CARE, but want to look good and be part of some “movement” or whatever.

Her latest post talking about Stellan dying is completely effed up. I don’t believe she is at all worried he could die. If she WERE, she would not be blogging in that way about it. She just wouldn’t. No rational mother would. I think she knows what’s up and she is using the whole “Stellan dying” “if Stellan dies” nonsense as a dramatic pull for her readers. What a bitch. She’d better be careful because karma has a way of giving you exactly what you mock in life. She’s bucking for Stellan to die and then we would suddenly have her doing the, “Omigod, I know I posted, all blase about this very thing, but I didn’t actually think it would happen!”

No sympathy for the bint. None at all.

I feel sorry for the Fxxxxxs for what they went through losing their daughter. But I’m getting a little sick and tired of pontificating bloggers. I think that’s one of the reasons Mck started getting to me too. She went from some random chick blogging about her sick unborn baby to a preacher and then just a filthy gift grubbing dramawhore. Why can’t people just post cute pictures and funny stories without thinking they need to start telling everyone else how to live their life?

I couldn’t read any of what she wrote.

I’m really bitchy tonight. Sorry!

Did anyone ever read about Jxxxxx Dxxxxxx? He was my first sick kid blog I got addicted to and for some reason his mom never rubbed me the wrong way. I wonder what’s wrong with me now.





2 thoughts on “Some Posts Showing Dislike for Mckmama

  1. What’s wrong with you now?? You’re in jail awaiting trial and your sickly children are all thriving in the care of others. You’ll go to prison, hopefully for a very long time. You’ll never set eyes on your children again or their childrens children. You’ll be diagnosed with no doubt a dozen different mental illnesses while in custody and hopefully receive some help.

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