Bethany’s CaringBridge

*UPDATE* For whatever reason I realized I didn’t post all of Bethany’s CaringBridge stopped in January 2013.  So I am adding a second document with January through August when she shut it down.


I am also posting Bethany’s entire CaringBridge.

Bethany Parker


One thought on “Bethany’s CaringBridge

  1. The hell she put that child through should be enough to lock her up the rest of her damn life. Seeing that poor baby spread out full of tubes and wires is heartbreaking. What kind of monster is Kate? There are just no words.
    On another note- who paid for all of the airplane rides they took to the hospital? Flights aren’t cheep. Also the hotels they stayed in? She must have charged up a freakin storm.
    She must have a good memory to keep all of these things straight. No one that is crazy could do that for years.

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