No QUESTIONS – Re-homing In Kate’s Words

I was emailed some screenshots from Kate’s blog. I thought I would share them here. These 3 screenshot pictures detail Kate’s feelings about Hannah and her “RAD”. If anyone else has anything they would like me to possibly post please email it to





4 thoughts on “No QUESTIONS – Re-homing In Kate’s Words

  1. I cannot believe she is talking about a child this way! She is purely evil and I hope she goes to prison for the rest of her life. I wonder the real reason that Kate hated Hannah. Was it because Hannah wouldn’t take the abuse??

    • I suspect that’s exactly why. I would bet money that she adopted children with down specifically because she thought they were incapable of ratting her out. RAD? I doubt it, that little girl could sense the evil in that woman and as such wanted nothing to do with her.

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