Interesting Palliative Care Doctor Posts

I cannot believe a pain management doctor would continue to treat a child on so many opiates via phone. Joshua was  treated for 6 months  after Dr. T before ever meeting a new doctor team.

  • Written June 28, 2013 1:41am by Kate Parker

Bethany has to go to Portland to see her rheumatologist & cardiologist and Joshua gets to go along because his palliative care doctor wants to meet him. Yes, the doctor who has been doing such an amazing job calling all of the shots with regards to medications & treatments to help Joshua live to the best of his ability for the past 6 months has never met my child. She took over from Dr. T when he left Legacy Emanuel. I have met her and visited with her a half-dozen times when Dr. T introduced her to me while Bethany was in the hospital for her heart surgery & follow-up appointments last year, but Dr. G has never met Joshua. She really WANTS to, though, and preferably before a funeral, sooooooo, because I have to take Bethany up to Portland, I will take Joshua, too. Dr. G said that giving Lorazepam might help Joshua to travel better. I anticipate having to drive for a bit, then stop so he can lay flat for awhile before we drive some more. I am nervous about how he will do away from home for a few days and would be grateful for prayer that he handles it all right.  We will be traveling on July 7th.

Today has been pretty good.  With the help of lorazepam, Joshua has been relaxed & happy for most of the day.  He is needing more breakthough fentanyl and says that if he


I cannot believe she tracked this doctor down via a personal page.

  • Written March 19, 2013 10:38am by Kate Parker

I sent an email to Dr. S last night, asking if she would please contact Melissa (Dr. T’s replacement palliative care doctor at Emanuel) to ask about changing Joshua’s methadone dose. I emailed Dr. T last week (via his photography website, which I know is SO professional, but it was the only way I knew to get in touch with him), asking if he was going to provide Dr. S & me with his contact information so we can keep in touch regarding Joshua’s care. You know, since he assured me repeatedly via email & in phone calls & in person when I saw him (during our discussions about Bethany) that he would always remain available to Dr. S & me for Joshua’s care even though he was changing jobs and going to a different hospital? His response was that for now, he thinks it would be better if we contact Melissa & Kathleen since his new job doesn’t allow him the independence that he had at Emanuel and blah, blah, blah (other excuses/justifications ~ it is probably completely legit, but the feeling it left me with was the same… that of being abandoned by the doctor who was the head of my son’s medical team). So… please pray that not only can Dr. S contact Melissa, but that Melissa (who has never met Joshua) will make very wise choices for my little boy’s care.



4 thoughts on “Interesting Palliative Care Doctor Posts

  1. Dr G wants to meet josh, preferably before a funeral….Wow, just anywhere Kate can dramatically “remind” us followers that josh is dying, she did.

  2. I have a feeling the Rheumatologist she was seeing at Emanuel is the one mine sees <_<. Awkward. Her kids must have had SOMETHING, I mean everything couldn't be made up? Doctors dont just treat for nothing…

    • Yes, they do, quite frequently. Especially if there is have a nutjob drug addict mother feeding them bad info.

  3. This is odd to me as well (the doctor treating the child with such heavy narcotics without ever meeting the child). My son is in kidney failure and on dialysis. As a result of complications from kidney failure, he has joint pain and also has pain during a certain phase of his dialysis every night. Due to this, he is on a combined max dose of EIGHT MG of oxycodone per day. 8mg total! which is split up into 3 doses throughout the day. He is closely followed by his nephrologist (who prescribes that medication) and sees him every 2 weeks at minimum, sometimes more frequently depending on what is going on at the time. He will refill the prescription for me via phone call some months if his need for a refill falls on either of the two “off weeks” we have inbetween appointments each month however, any dosage change at all (even a decrease) is only done in person and even if the refill is done by phone, he would have just seen my son the week before or will be seeing my son again the next week. She almost wants to keep “Joshie” as drugged up as possible on high doses of several different powerful opiates whereas I am concerned about my son being on 8mg a day of oxycodone, how that might affect him long term, and trying to slowly wean him down from even that low dose he’s already at. As the mother of a chronically ill child, everything this woman says is really “off” to me. This could mean nothing but I am also incredulous about how incredibly detailed she is in each and every post about every lab draw, test, etc undergone constantly for multiple kids. I have one sick kid and I do update on facebook periodically about major things happening with him however, it is a daunting task to me when I do it and I keep it as vague as possible just because it’s complicated and hard to explain and tedious to try and explain to people who have zero experience with his condition. I mean, I am well versed in his illness by now, it’s been 2 years of a whirlwind downward spiral but I still only just barely grasp what his lab results mean and what is causing whatever specific complication. It’s just not fun and therefore I keep it all as simple and vague as possible. This woman seems to love documenting every single traumatic moment her kids endure, every single test or lab draw or procedure to wear as some sort of badge. I am probably not explaining myself well but the level of detail just struck me as inauthentic as a parent really dealing with a sick kid who is upset by their child’s illness… Those poor kids. SMDH. I do know she lied and manipulated to accomplish what she did but I also feel like the doctors (and so many!) were way too easily led/manipulated and maybe should have some sort of consequences as well… My son’s doctors rule out the most simple diagnosis/solution for whatever problems he might be having first, it seems like the physicians she was dealing with just took her google PhD word for it and jumped to whatever super severe condition or invasive surgery she suggested. This whole thing is so weird and disturbing. I cannot imagine putting undue pain on my child with unnecessary surgeries, medications, etc. I am not perfect by any stretch at all but I would gladly take my son’s pain and take his place in that operating room every single time if I could and here this woman is making her kid go through like at least 20 potentially unnecessary surgeries?! Poor, poor babies.

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