Why won’t my blog take off?

Kate’s questions on a forum before Joshua was terminal.

Gonna sound snarky, but this is a serious question
« Thread Started on Oct 28, 2009, 9:58pm »

I know this will sound snarky, but I am not asking it in a snarky way. I’m being very serious.

Why are people more interested in a child when they are super-sick than when they are well?

Look at Stellan. People obviously care about him, but they come out of the woodwork in droves when he is in the hospital. MckMunch is very dramatic and provokes anxiety and worry in her readers by the way she writes, so maybe that’s part of what entices people to read, but it makes me wonder why, exactly, people care MORE when Stellan is sick than when he’s well?

The same phenomenon happened with Kayleigh Freeman. It is happening with Kate McCrae and Jonah Williams and many others. When the child’s doing better, comments for the day drop off, but when they’re having a crisis, comments go through the roof. Why is that?

And, since I’m being honest here, I’ll ask ya, why don’t I get that kind of reaction on my blog with Joshua’s issues? Is it because I don’t write dramatically or is it because he doesn’t stay ‘fixed’ so people are burned-out on hearing about him or what? I honestly am not angry or bitter…. I just don’t really understand what it is that makes some people’s blogs “take off” while other people whose children have similar or identical illnesses/problems stay tiny and relatively unknown.


5 thoughts on “Why won’t my blog take off?

  1. Maybe its just me but if one of my children were terminally ill or even just really sick, I think making a popular blog would be my last thought! I can understand CB for keeping family and friends in touch, but I don’t think I could what strangers would have to say. I would be glad that people were praying for my kid, but can’t see caring that some other sick kid gets more attention from strangers than my kid…pretty pathetic!

  2. It’s funny, but on my own blog about my own illness I have written before about how angry it makes me that if there is drama people appear and my readers increase (from like 3 to 7; it’s not a well-read publication which is fine with me). I would rather people care all the time, not just when things are tense and interesting. I never really thought about wanting it the reverse.

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