Detective on the case

I received this comment in the comments section….

This is Detective Winter from the Portland Police Bureau. We are actively investigating this matter. Please call me at 503-823-0182 to report information related to this case and Kate’s treatment of the children in her care.

Thanks for your help in keeping children in our community safe and healthy.


Mr. Winter has several requests:

His first main request is for anyone who donated money to Kate to please email him with the amount(s), what the money was donated for (e.g. adoption, Charley’s time off, Joshua’s 5.5 party ect.), and why did you believe there was a need (e.g., Joshua was about to die and Charley couldn’t get paid time off, etc.)

His second main request is any information that would help him contact Kate Estes. He has her Facebook link, Noah’s Facebook link and blog information, Although he needs to get in direct contact with her if possible.

It will be helpful if you will detail your concerns about the children and Faith and her baby. [He knows what the concerns are, but he needs to have people tell him in their own words.]

Any other information that could possibly be helpful. He has complete copies of the Caring Bridge blogs that he was able to subpoena, but any information regarding other blogs, other internet presence, could be helpful. I know Kate has had several blogs, if you have any old posts from them, the original address and/or host, etc., he can subpoena if he needs to.

His email address is:

I ask that everyone please have patience, this is going to be a time consuming case and take a lot of work to weed through it all. The Portland police and the state justice department are working on this. Munchhausen’s cases are very difficult to prove, and he is trying to get all his ducks in a row. The money under false pretenses is being heavily investigated also.

Lastly Bethany and Joshua are doing wonderfully, playing, enjoying being kids.

Thank you for all the support. I am happy that Detective Winter saw this site and reached out. I know there are many of us who knew something wasn’t right and felt lied to and deceived.

The most important thing right now is that them little ones are safe, happy and thriving.



6 thoughts on “Detective on the case

  1. The web address for the blog she had for the adoptions was The url has since been taken over by some other blogger (since 2013) but the detective may be able to subpoena the backups.

  2. I must have missed something but….what is the connection between Kate Estes and KPMOM? Is KE being investigated too?

    • Kate Estes raised money — thousands — on Kate Parker’s behalf.
      This made her instrumental in conning people out of thousands of dollars under fraudulent pretenses.
      To make matters worse, she has then refused to as much as acknowledge those who have contacted her to discuss arrangements to get our money returned. (I personally sent 3 messages; I know others did too.)

      I imagine if she’s suspected of committing a crime, then yes, she could be investigated for that — rightly so.
      I can’t speak on the detective’s behalf, but I’d imagine he wants to know what she knew, along with any insight she can provide. Just a guess.

      In my opinion, it’s very suspicious that she conducted so many fundraisers (3 that I know about.) It’s one thing to conduct a single fundraiser for a friend, but performing fundraiser after fundraiser is a bit suspicious in my opinion.

      • Wow I had no idea. Thanks for that info Madi.

        Reminds me of my late grandmother’s fave quote:

        “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

        And it seems they are all caught in a nasty web of lies that may be (hopefully for those who were scammed) impossible to escape from now 😦

  3. This was the last fundraiser (run by Kate Estes) that I saw happening, but it pretty clearly lays out that they’re raising money for funeral expenses and Charley’s time off. There’s an update about how Joshua was doing better but still encouraging people to donate so they’d have the money when he did pass. It also has a list of donors so while some are anonymous, maybe Detective Winter can track some of the people down.

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