Court Dockets

There have been two court dockets on the Josephine County courts webpage. In these two docket one dated November 21, 2013 and January 2, 2014.

In the November docket all of Kate Parker’s minor children minus Joshua were listed. The November docket is listed as an expedited placement hearing.

In the January docket all the minor children were listed. The January docket is listed as an admit/deny hearing.

Both these dockets were listed on the county website. Although after a couple days the dockets are removed.  The new dockets are listed the night before any cases. As of this post there are no new dockets listed.

This is all the public info that can be found as of right now as to what had happened.

November Court Docket  

January Court Docket


**The posts on this site will be fact based post only. Things will only be posted here that can be backed up by Kate’s words herself.**

**The admin/moderator will take no responsibility for any comments made here. Of course this site isn’t out to hurt any children involved. It is simply a site to try to get to the truth about Kate Parker. Any comments that could be damaging to the children though will be removed. Please keep this site as clean as possible.**


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