The reason for the Truth blog!

This is a blog being set up to hopefully bring people together who wish to know what has happened to Joshua and Bethany Parker. Kate Parker use to run CaringBridge sites for both Joshua and Bethany until early September 2013 when everything went dark. Joshua was in the middle of a hospitalization and appeared to be doing better.

Many people have gone looking for answers about what has happened and have feared the worst. Many fear that Joshua has passed away. Bethany was also not in good health and said to possibly only live weeks when everything went black.

I know many people have donated to Kate over the years, and feel betrayed after just being shut out so abruptly.

This is the first post and just a simple post to state the reasons behind it. I will be updating with more things regarding the Parkers that I have copies of or that I can get that are words typed directly from Kate.

**The posts on this site will be fact based post only. Things will only be posted here that can be backed up by Kate’s words herself.**

**The admin/moderator will take no responsibility for any comments made here. Of course this site isn’t out to hurt any children involved. It is simply a site to try to get to the truth about Kate Parker. Any comments that could be damaging to the children though will be removed. Please keep this site as clean as possible.**


5 thoughts on “The reason for the Truth blog!

  1. Oh the irony. Seeing a blog just for Kate! She was so vocal on several blogs crapping on people. Finally her turn to be in the spotlight. How does it feel Kate?
    Really hoping we can get some answer on where the kids are and how they are doing.

  2. This is Detective Winter from the Portland Police Bureau. We are actively investigating this matter. Please call me at 503-823-0182 to report information related to this case and Kate’s treatment of the children in her care.

    Thanks for your help in keeping children in our community safe and healthy.

    • @Det Mace Winter:

      Please see:

      These sites are a wealth of information. She details absolutely everything about her childrens’ care, right down to med. dosage amounts. There are also some disturbing videos capturing her treatment of Bethany.
      These sites are no longer publicly available, so you will need to use your resources to get access.

      There were also links to videos of the childrens’ care on both caringbridge sites.

      Also beware that her adult children, Adam Parker and Megan Parker, also cared for these children. (they were paid by the state as paid caretakers.) So there is a chance they also engaged in inappropriate care.

      There was also a site at, detailing more of Bethany’s care.

      Adam Parker’s new wife is expecting a baby; apparently they live with Kate so that would provide her with access to a newborn.

  3. I am glad the police are taking notice. As a person who had made reports to family services in the past, I am heartened by the Portland police involvement. Now, Grants Pass, that is another matter,
    Kate has a long history of posting about these kids. If she has been making them sick or neglecting them, I hope that she has her day in court. More important, I want to make sure these kids are safe from harm and have the opportunity to thrive. Without current information, I have no idea if they are out of Kate’s care but I hope the detective will move to make sure they are taken care of.

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